Move-In Process

  1. Tour the community of your choice and place a deposit to reserve the accommodation of your choice
  2. Schedule a time for someone from our team to come to the potential residents home and complete an assessment. Our assessment tool is a series of questions that will help our team be prepared for the resident’s move in. This assessment is not only assessing physical needs but psychosocial needs as well. We know moving is never easy and we strive to keep our new residents routines as similar as possible.
  3. The state of California requires LIC 602 forms(physician’s report) to be completed prior to a resident’s move into a community. This report will also include results from a TB test. This report is to be completed by the potential residents primary care physician. Our community has copies of these forms and they will be provided to you.
  4. Sign admission agreement and communities internal move- in paperwork. At this time we will also collect payment for the potential resident’s stay.
  5. Our rooms do not come furnished and once the above is completed the potential residents room can be set up and decorated.
  6. Welcome home!

LIC 602 Form



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